Shelled Hazelnuts, flaked


This baking ingredient is the little “exotic” product in our range, especially as there are only a few recipes that call for it. The fine hazelnut flakes are great for decorating, and the intensive hazelnut aroma is reduced during eating because they are cut so thinly.


Typical valuesPer 100g1 Serving (25 g)

2,791 kJ

(677 kcal)

698 kJ

(169 kcal)

Protein13.2 g3.3 g

7.6 g

1.9 g
of which sugar

4.3 g

1.1 g
Fat64.1 g16.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids

5.4 g

1.4 g

8.2 g

2.1 g

0.01 g

<0.01 g


* GDA recommended daily intake
(The values are based on a daily nutritional intake of 2,000 kcal – source CIAA)