Californian Shelled Walnuts


The walnut tree is currently believed to be the oldest variety of nut tree in human history. China is certainly the largest producer, but has become a net importer of walnuts over the last few years due to domestic consumption. Two thirds of the global trade are grown in California. France and India are also exporters. Californian walnuts are notable for their size and light colouring, which means that no further bleaching is required. French walnuts have a pronounced flavour. Scientific research at Loma Linda University in California has shown that walnuts may have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and cardiac function if consumed on a daily basis. This positive effect is due to the high proportion of unsaturated fatty acids, carotene and Vitamin B in walnuts, as well as the abundant minerals and trace elements.


Typical valuesPer 100g1 Serving (25 g)

2,827 kJ

685 kcal

707 kJ

171 kcal


14.9 g

3.7 g
Carbohydrate8.2 g2.1 g
of which sugar

2.0 g

0.5 g
Fat64.2 g16.1 g
of which saturated fatty acids

5.1 g

1.3 g

7.4 g

1.9 g

0.01 g

<0.01 g


* GDA recommended daily intake (The values are based on a daily nutritional intake of 2,000 kcal – source CIAA)