Märsch Importhandels-GmbH specialises in consumer products based on nuts, dried fruits and seeds. As an owner-managed company we stand for customer proximity, flexibility and reliability. We supply the

  • contractually agreed goods according to the customer’s specifications
  • in compliance with national laws and regulations
  • to the agreed location
  • in the agreed volume
  • on the agreed date at the best possible price.

As a result, all process are continually optimised and analysed in terms of

  • product safety
  • customer proximity
  • consumer friendliness
  • cost attractiveness
  • quality assurance


As a producer of brand names, we see our strengths in the prompt availability of the volumes required while maintaining the highest possible quality of the products supplied.
We deliberately avoid classic marketing in order to guarantee this promise. Instead, we concentrate on continually increasing the productivity of our own production sites and on providing permanent and direct support for customers and suppliers.


Our staff are a crucial factor in offering our services.
As a family operation we are proud of the loyalty our staff show to the company and of our very low turnover rate, which finds expression in mutual trust on a daily basis. Our staff undergo regular training and re-certification. Management positions are only given to people already working in the company. In this way we ensure that all their skills have been learnt “with our products and on the job”.