As a family company, reliability and tradition are at the forefront of our business activities. These ideals are also valued and upheld by our suppliers in a rapidly changing world.
We have been working with many of our suppliers for generations. These relationships based on trust and experience are the foundation of our business at home and abroad.


By carefully selecting suppliers, which necessitates regular audits and visits to the producing country, we build the expertise needed to develop sound solutions with our customers for all our products. You cannot create new products or improve or develop existing ones without understanding cultivation.


The rise of China and other Asian states has changed the global trade in food for ever. This has led to a competition over agricultural raw materials, which has brought security of supply – in terms of quality and quantity – into focus. Pre-sale service is now an essential component of our service. As a specialist we are active in the different agricultural markets on a daily basis. This enables us and our customers to anticipate developments or to react quickly to changes.