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Sensitive handling of foodstuffs is a matter of course for us as a producer. All processes are developed and monitored to ensure the agreed quality – from selecting suppliers and agreeing product characteristics, through logistics, storage and production, right up to the sale of the products to our customers. Märsch Importhandels-GmbH was one of the first German companies to implement the American HACCP quality concept for all business processes.


We use our own lab with several members of staff to analyse incoming raw materials, to monitor raw materials during storage and to analyse production samples and document all processes. We guarantee seamless control and documentation of all product-relevant processes for our customers and consumers.


Accordingly, quality management is incorporated at several overlapping levels, which means that products are tested multiple times through random spot checks before they leave our site. In addition to sensory and chemical analyses, mycotoxin testing is performed carefully and safely on site using two HPLC facilities.


Our staff are an important part of holistic quality management. They are regularly trained in their daily handling of foodstuffs. Furthermore, we ensure that measures to safeguard production, maintain hygiene, and our modern and safe machinery all comply with quality standards.


All measures are devised to guarantee the highest level of quality and safety for our customers.