Shelled Hazelnuts, ground


For our natural, ground shelled hazelnuts, the whole nuts are ground fresh during production and packed automatically in the next stage of production. We achieve maximum product freshness as a result, which is revealed to the full in baking.


Typical valuesPer 100g1 Serving (25 g)

2,791 kJ

(677 kcal)

698 kJ

(169 kcal)

Protein13.2 g3.3 g

7.6 g

1.9 g
of which sugar

4.3 g

1.1 g
Fat64.1 g16.0 g
of which saturated fatty acids

5.4 g

1.4 g

8.2 g

2.1 g

0.01 g

<0.01 g


* GDA Richtwerte der empfohlenen Tageszufuhr
(Die Werte basieren auf einer Ernährung von täglich 2000 kcal (Quelle CIAA)